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Hello fellow artist. I'd like to introduce myself; the name is David J. Negron Jr. Storyboard Artist. I have worked in the motion picture industry for twenty-five years as an Artist, Illustrator and Animatics Director. My credits as a Storyboard Artist include; GI JOE Rise of Cobra 2009, National Treasure, Star Trek Nemesis, Open Range and Scorpion King just to name a few.

Starting this February 2011, I will again be offering an online course for the artist that wants to better understand the real reason a director works with a storyboard artist. This is not a how to draw class. It is a carefully detailed outline that equips the artist to better understand the skills of the job description. Storyboard artists are not comic book artists nor are comic book artists storyboard artist. Storyboards are the backbone of creating a well crafted motion picture.

To the right is a list of each lesson description. Lessons will include drawing examples, video lectures and testing. Each artist's work will be reviewed and critiqued through email and one on one Scype videoconferencing. Interested artist will need to apply and are subject to schedule start dates.

If you are interested in learning the correct skills of a storyboard artist and want to attain the authority and confidence for success, then sign up for your ten lessons and take a commanding lead in the exciting world of the storyboard artist.

So... Lets Get Started!

Click on the PDF download, fill out the form and send it in. Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified as to the available dates and schedules. The course time is based on your own speed and pacing. Generally allow four to six weeks to complete this study. Upon completion, you will recieve a certificate of completion and have the confidence to apply for films as a trained Storyboard Artist.



1. What are storyboards and how are they used in the film-making process?

2. Communicate Ideas through Drawing.

3. The Storyboard Artist as a Director.

4. Breaking down an Action Sequence.

5. Working with the Film Crew and Departments.

6. Sequence and Presentation

7. Actors and the Storyboards

8. Visual Effects and the Storyboard Artist

9. Portfolio Review

10. The Future of Storyboards

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